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Retirement Planning

Superannuation and Retirement Planning is an important component of our advice to clients. It is important to understand whether clients will have accumulated a sufficient level of capital that will enable them to meet their income requirements through retirement.

Key Retirement Planning Questions

There are some important areas to establish from our clients before providing strategic retirement planning advice. This includes;

  • Understanding your current personal and financial position
  • Determine the time-frame you would like to retire and;
  • What level of annual income you require to fund your future retirement.

Are you on Track to Retire? 

We then use forecast modelling and analytics to determine whether you are on track to retire and can support your lifestyle needs in retirement.  During this retirement planning process, these modelling tools will also determine the potential shortfalls (otherwise known as ‘the gap’) and from this, we can then provide solutions and strategies to you so your future retirement objectives are achieved.  Superannuation and tax legislation continuously change. It is therefore important that you are continually educated to these changes to ensure your retirement plan can adapt to changing legislation.

How we can HELP you? 

Retirement Planning advice includes the following;

  • A full review of your existing net asset position (including Superannuation) to determine whether you are on track to retire.
  • For clients entering into Retirement within the next 5 years, a clear plan as to how best to structure your investments and Superannuation, provide you with a tax effective income stream whilst taking into consideration your Age Pension entitlements (including the Heath Care Card).
  • For clients entering into Retirement > 5 years, we need to understand your current cash flow position. From this we are then able to determine how best to reallocate your surplus cash funds for investment and tax planning purposes (i.e. buy an investment property, salary sacrifice into Superannuation or establish a share portfolio).