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Lost Superannuation

Consolidating lost Superannuation for clients is certainly an important service we provide.

Changing Jobs?

On average, employees will change jobs every 2-3 years and as such, individuals may have their lost Super held across various Superannuation providers due to these changes in working conditions.

Consolidating Your Super into ONE

Providing lost super advice and consolidating Superannuation services will ensure your Superannuation is consolidated under the one platform. This may ultimately lead to cost savings due to the multiple administration fees being paid by each of your individual funds.

More importantly, once we consolidate your lost Superannuation, should you change your working environment, will assist you in ensuring your new employer can make the regular super contributions into this platform.

Information we Require to ‘HELP’ You

To receive advice on lost Superannuation, we do require the following:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Tax File Number

We will then be able to track your lost Superannuation and assist you in consolidating it all under the one Superannuation plan. So if you do change your job in the future, be assured you can take this Superannuation plan with you and nominate this as your preferred choice of Superannuation at your new employer.