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Life Insurance for the clients enables you to protect you and your family in the event of a family member passing away.

Life Insurance is aimed to cover the mortgage so your spouse and children are not left to fund and carry the cost of the loan and in some cases, having to force sell the family home.

Why you need Life Insurance

In addition, Life Insurance is also designed to cover the following:

  • Provide a lump sum benefit to fund the ongoing lifestyle and education cost to the surviving spouse and your children.
  • Provide a lump sum benefit to clear any other outstanding debts that you may have.
  • Provide a lump sum to cover any funeral cost.
  • For families that rely on one working partner earning the income and the other partner looking after the children, provide a lump sum benefit so the working partner can have sufficient capital to fund the ongoing care of the children.

The above highlights the importance of Life Insurance. More importantly, we assist clients in obtaining the correct structures to hold your life insurance policy for taxation and beneficiary payment reasons.