One Private Wealth


This area of Finance has become particularly tough and through our global network we have been able to arrange a number of exciting opportunities and solutions for our clients and their clients. 

In summary: 

  • We have the backing from three of Asia’s largest financial institutions and are able to arrange finance to suit your needs.
  • We can access loans from $200k, up to $4m.
  • We can access variable interest rates from 4.70% pa (AUD financing) and 3.37% pa (SGD financing).
  • We offer a competitive LVR of up to 70% – subject to your country of citizenship/ or permanent residency
  • Up to 35 years loan term
  • P&I repayment only
  • The minimum age of an applicant must be 21 years & the maximum age of an applicant at term expiry is 65 years
  • All approvals valid for up to 6 months